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Designed as a hybrid browser JavaScript library, JQuery is a coding offering which offers flexibility and ease for front end developers to integrate certain coding elements on them such as SVG Animations and CSS3. With the power of plugins that JQuery offers, it is intended to enhance Asynchronous JavaScript + XML or AJAX methodologies, which deals with how web applications can upload/download data from the server without refreshing the page. With their ‘write less-do more’ idealism, JQuery makes it possible to write just a single set of code to be implemented for functionality across all devices, be it a device based on iOS, BlackBerry, Windows or Android-one code does it all. This saves the developer the effort of having to come up with specific codes for each device, ultimately beneficial to the client with the cost effectiveness and lesser man-hours to develop and implement the project. Further to it, JQuery offers more compatibility over conventional user interfaces, and today, offers the best compatibility for any present day mobile devices.

However, implementing JQuery needs to be carried out diligently, with a well thought-over design and implementation process. Here at Novo, our JQuery/ Ajax coding experts are well versed in crafting JQuery solutions, and use the latest development approach to handle problems. Our coding is compatible universally, and can be embedded with elements in HTML5, and is flawlessly integrated with Semantic Web components.

The following are some of the technologies and frameworks we have adopted to implement AJAX functionality in our projects:

  • Prototype framework
  • JQuery
  • Yahoo user interface library
  • Ext5 framework