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With a range of premium, highly sought-after mobile devices across several versions, Apple had taken the mobile communication segment by storm ever since the first iPhone way back in 2007. And now, eight years and several device versions later, they have still retained their image as game-changers in the mobile industry, and are still hotly sought after by millions of people around the globe.

With the right technical expertise, the possibilities at iOS app development are amazingly abound- since the introduction of the AppStore, developers have been busily creating bespoke coding solutions for clients to reach out to their strata of targeted customers. iOS apps have a tremendous impact in our lives, with the numerous iPhone and iPad apps that touch almost every aspect in our day to day agenda. If we were to look at the latest version the iOS, namely the iOS 8, one could see that it stands tall with several unique features, some of which may include:

  • The iOS 8 offers a better customised user experience.
  • Wider app sharing options open to developers, which makes reaching out of apps to users easier.
  • A cleverly designed notification interface offers a higher application engagement.

However, things may seem easier said than done- To deliver a great user experience, a good design and interface alone wouldn’t suffice- there are several other parameters involved in the equation.

  • A developer has to ensure that while the interface and app design offer an engaging experience, the response and speed with which the app performs its assigned functions aren’t compromised on.
  • Apps must follow precisely defined definition paths.
  • Inter-app communication must be limited to certain pathways.
  • They must always resort to low power consumption in the course of their running.
  • Their design must be streamlines so as to adhere to a multitasking environment.

When it comes to Novo, we’re proud to say that we’re one of the earliest App Developers to take a bite at the prestigious Apple. With an in-situ team of iOS Developers who have been tried and tested at tackling some of the most sophisticated challenges, we’ve done about a thousand projects to date, from the simplest web based applications, right to complex, intricate ones that have called for hours of exquisite coding to realise.

Some of the genres of apps that we deal, and have dealt with in our past associations include the following:

  • mCommerce applications
  • Healthcare related apps- a higher EMR access blended with a secure ecosystem gives precise and safe results.
  • Location-based applications
  • Social communication platforms
  • Workflow and dashboard monitoring and communication applications
  • Audio and video related applications
  • Utility applications
  • Gaming apps- By taking advantage of Apple’s game center, users can avail a superior gaming experience, enabling them to keep track of their scores, and compare it with leaderboard readings,invite other members and even hold multiplayer gaming sessions with other online users.
  • Data warehousing
  • Travel and lifestyle themed applications
  • Business applications
  • Informative & educative apps

Here’s what the iOS illuminati at Novo can offer you:

  • XCODE Integrated Development Environment
  • Objective C  programming
  • HTML5 programming
  • In-house App distribution
  • AppStore distribution
  • Application conversion and porting to iOS
  • Offshore Mobile app Development
  • iOS development for Azure
  • App testing
  • Development for Cross-platform compatibility