You thought it, we plot it.

We find coding to be a fascinating thing- we believe it to be an art, the art of building a striking entity for an enterprise on digital realms by means of a carefully planned, laid and executed set of codes.

With an in-house team of Developers continually reciting codes to perform miracles on the web, you can be sure that you’ve come to the right place when it comes to entrusting your coding demands. Novo strives to provide clear, crisp bespoke code solutions in the shortest possible workaround times. It’s simple- all you’ve got to do is give us your idea and your designs for the project, and we’ll hand-code it meticulously on HTML and HTML5 and integrate it seamlessly onto any open source system such as WordPress, Magento, etc.

Here’s why you’re going to love us:

  • Pixel-perfect hand coding
  • Assured cross browser compatibility and version support (Google Chrome, Safari, IE8 and onwards)
  • Unwavered coding standards- Identical semantics and code formatting style
  • Stringent testing and quality assurance schedules, code validation against the latest standards and definitions
  • Quality codes in cost-effective price brackets
  • Realistic, swift solution delivery deadlines
  • Express service availability
  • Lifetime support- we take care of your project solution diligently throughout its lifespan, with absolutely no charges involved, no matter what
  • Our practices are absolutely white label- we treat all the intel regarding our client and their intellectual property to be confidential
  • Table less coding methodology- Easier to maintain and make changes on
  • Search Engine compliant