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Mobile Application Development

Realize, on the go.

These are fastlane times- the world wants to take their technology with them. Fascinating, how technology has evolved to such compact proportions that you can now take the world in your fingertips. With the evolution of mobile devices, the potential of taking your business to the people has just gotten seriously huge- there’s now an app for just about anything and everything.

Here at Novo, we’re well aware of how a crafty app goes a lofty way- which is why our in-house team of Mobile application developers, along with a resource pool included of a data library, ample emulators and simulators are here to provide you application strategies with the right kind of structuring and streamlining that you need to have it happen at your fingertips-making us one of the best mobile application companies out there.

Android App Development

With its versatility and open source, the Bot mascot has come to terms that the sky is the limit when it comes to the potential of Android apps. With our immense resource pool and expertise of our in-house Android Developer greyheads, we’ve made our sizeable share of cool apps- from the second gens to the blazing new fifths, from the simple ones to the most customised sophisticated app solutions, we’ve done it all.

iOS App Development

We’ve done our fair share of meddling around with the clever Apples, and how! With a fleeting range of Apple products, the iPhone, the iPad, even smart gadgets like the iWatch, the challenge just gets hotter- and we tell you to bring it on.

Novo’s programmers commit to each client’s app requirements to tackle even the most intricate demands- our C and C Objective versed gentry make us one of the top mobile application development companies out there.