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Open Source Development

Open to all. Second to none.

Open Source Development services involve the practice of developing technical solutions online using a set of codes that has been provided free of cost for perusal, modification and development, so as to find the appropriate solution to cater client requirements. Open Source Softwares are fondly adapted to be used in business purposes, especially in the setting up of Open Source CMS websites, for the following reasons:

  • Since developers have the codes created readily for free, it helps to keep the developing costs reduced for the client.
  • Open source codes offer extreme flexibility. They are highly customisable, and can be worked around by any code-savvy Developer to develop and even add on to the existing set of codes to do the job.
  • With the codes being available easily and abundantly, one wouldn’t have to rely on a particular online software vendor for exclusive solutions.
  • With a team of dedicated developers working on tidying the front and back end round the clock, swatting bugs off codes, you can be assured of crisp, glitch-free code solutions.

Here at Novo, we know what it takes to give your industry the right flavour of code. Our team of Open Source Developers are exceptionally accomplished when it comes to giving your business the bells and whistles of coding. Be it Open Source Development projects for  a start-up firm or a sized-up corporate, Novo does it all- Right from the requirement analysis and strategy planning,  to the development and maintenance , we’re here for you, all the way.